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Topic: A moment of thanks

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    A moment of thanks

    Just sitting here on a beautiful warm Friday afternoon listening to a half finished piece I've started and just want to give my deepest thanks to all of you who have made this possible.

    To the bakers at cakewalk for Sonar and P5, Dimension ...
    To Gary Garritan who just constantly blows me away with his products-Strad-GPO-JABB
    To BelaDMedia and some wonderful vocal sounds
    To Native Instruments with all the problems still a favorite of mine
    To "Big Bob" and those wonderus folks who can and do write some incredable scripts for Kontakt 2.1
    To all the sound library producers for all your effort (too many to mention here)
    To all of you who've helpd me sort through dumb questions.

    I feel so blessed to have this technology at my fingertips
    Thank you

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    Re: A moment of thanks

    Yeah, well you better Fred. This is costing us a bundle! Just kidding. Hey, I was just writing something on the same line this afternoon but didn't get a chance to post due to a riot that broke out during final period.
    I'll just second and support what you just said! ........... wait, what did you say?

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