I have had Giga LE 1.6 for about a week and have not been able to get it to
work properly yet.

I am using an AARK TDIF card with a DA-38 and an MPU-401. Giga sees the AARK card and is
being triggered by midi events (I can see the midi indicator flashing). I
can also trigger Giga with my sequencer program (Cakewalk). The audio
output is even working.

The problem is that the output seems to be truncated, as if I were getting a
20 or so digital audio samples. If I change instruments I can hear a slight tone
change but not for long enough to be interesting ;-)

Could I have a DMA setting wrong, a buffer size parameter set wrong or a
driver problem? I am using the latest AARK TDIF driver 5.03

On another note, I suppose I might have to use my laptop instead. It has a USB audio
device that Giga does not recognize and a Maestro playback chip (I think it
is soundblaster compatible) that Giga does recognize. On this setup I
cannot get Giga to respond to midi or make itself available to Cakewalk.
Any thoughts?

Thanx for your help. I really need it.