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Topic: Finale 6?

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    Question Finale 6?

    Will or will not import midi files say from Cubase?

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    Re: Finale 6?

    Will - probably also from Cubase. But, you will have to add slurs, expressions etc. manually.

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    Re: Finale 6?

    I used FINALE to export MIDI files to CUBASE, where I clean them up and render a performance.

    I never do it the other way around
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    Re: Finale 6?

    well, depending on what kind of music you are working on, I work exclusively in Finale 2006 and get excellent sounding (very expressive) demos.
    Robert Piéchaud's plugin for Finale called Human Playback can read the score... in other words, the more information you put in your scores (articulations, hairpins, slurs, phrases, detailed dynamics, detailed tempi) then the better of a job it does.

    I'm quite happy to use only Finale.

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    Re: Finale 6?

    Yes, Finale will import Standard MIDI Files. I do it all the time.



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