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Topic: Symphonic Suite

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    Symphonic Suite

    A few years ago I wrote this symphonic suite "Enlightenment of 48 Minutes", which is actually a loose set of themes and variations based on an ancient five-stanza Buddhist chant (so that makes a good five-movement work. ). By that time I only have Advanced Orchestra to render it so I am not gonna give you the link too.

    So now I have decided to redo the whole thing since I got a lot better sample libraries now. Apart from my original idea of having a symphony orchestra and a huge variety of ethnic instruments, I added a choir to augment some places in this newer version too. Hehe gonna be a big project, as like the title suggests, it's a forty-eight-minute work.

    Enlightenment of 48 Minutes - First Movement
    Enlightenment of 48 Minutes - Second Movement

    Hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

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    Re: Symphonic Suite

    As an exercise in exploring a wide variety of ways of scoring a theme, your piece sounds pretty good. There are varied textures in each section of this movement, some of which seemed to be rendered better than others, some seemed to be scored better than others.

    It is not the symphonic sound that one would associate with other theme and variations, but I think what you might find attractive and satisfying may not be so much to my ears.

    To me, your theme become repetitious after the first few minutes. I hear the orchrestra sound out tonic - submediant - subdominant - dominant in blocked intervals just way too often. Although you have some sort of modulation a little more than half way through, the lack of other harmonies and key changes limits the ability of the piece to keep the listener's attention. The theme that you have choosen is reasonable (although not too much different than other themes)... I just wonder what else can be done to vary the theme. What you have done is varied the background, the articulations, the dynamics, the scoring, thickness of instrumentation... but it sounds like the same theme over and over again. That can be done, but it is very difficult to meet the same success that Ravel had with Bolero... one of the very few pieces where exact repetition of a theme over and over actually works. Most "theme and variations" will actually work the theme over and over.

    I am sorry to be a bit critical here, I am just giving you my general feeling.

    Good luck with your writing, and please share more music.


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    Re: Symphonic Suite

    Hi FrozeN,
    I felt that overall, the piece was well done and enjoyable. It seems to me that the piece was inspired by music by Kitaro. Your piece has a lot of the same feel/instrumentation/percussion that he uses (this isn't a bad thing IMO). Good work and thanks for sharing!

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    Re: Symphonic Suite

    Thanks so much for your kind words and comments.

    David : I agree with your every comment actually. I admit it wasn't a very "well-designed" work. I was quite lost when I start writing it actually (well kind of overwhelmed by the fact that I am going to write something almost an hour long!). The repetition was originally intended, thinking it's a chant that's supposed to be repeated too. But then later I found it doesn't quite work when everything is in a western setting so I decided I should go crazy. Another thing I got real lost was it was originally intended to be a violin concerto... there are still a few solo phrases left in this movement, and a cadenza in the beginning of the second movement... and then the violinist seems to have broken his instrument and decided to not play anymore! Anyway, hope I can show you the later movements soon as soon as I finish re-patching the whole thing. Harmonies in the later movements are more free flowing.

    Steph : Hey thanks! And you are not the first one to say my music resembles Kitaro's. I enjoyed listening to his music... umm... since I was in college! (darn, age revealed!!!)

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    Re: Symphonic Suite

    Hi all. here comes the slow movement!

    Enlightenment of 48 Minutes - Second Movement

    Would love to take this opportunity to explain something too. I received a lot of feedback saying the music is very repetitive, perhaps in the sense that I stated it was a "theme and variations" but it's more like the theme keeps repeating rather than doing a lot of variations on it. Actually this was intentional. Originally I wrote this piece as a tribute to my religion (Buddhism obviously Wink ). Since this is a very well-known and popular chant that almost every Buddhist knows. I was really hoping, if they like this piece, they would actually hum or chant to it. So I decided not to do something too outrageous to make the melody hard to recognize. Hope you can accept this too.

    Thanks for listening!

    Dell Precision T3500 (Xeon W3520, 12GB RAM) / Windows 7 x64 / Sonar 8 / VE Pro / WIVI 2.3 / Kontakt 4 / G-Player 1.2

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