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Topic: Some songs...

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    Some songs...

    Hey, i haven't posted very many songs but i have a few finally finished and i wanted to know what everyone thought. I've only been really studying music for alittle over a year. thanks!

    (i have two more posted on that site)

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    Re: Some songs...

    Hello n3man918,

    I did try to listen to Infamy; but unfortunately, the sound
    was extremely badly garbled on it. You might want to
    check that file?



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    Re: Some songs...

    i noticed that too, i'll see what i can do

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    Re: Some songs...

    okay, i think they're fixed now. sorry 'bout that.

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    Re: Some songs...

    sorry to double post. did anyone listen to them by any chance?

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    Re: Some songs...

    hey I think there is something strange or these are two song layered?

    It seems to different sounds....

    Try to check again...


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