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    Re: dog

    Quote Originally Posted by korgsp200
    any dog lovers here ?
    YES!!!! ABSOLUTELY! I will hopefully be training dogs for people in the near future. I currently have a male, unneutered boxer, 2.5 years old.

    Not sure, but judging by Worra's old avatar, I bet he's a dog lover too. He used to have a pretty cool looking white dog for his avatar.

    Last time I checked, rwayland's dog is sick, so he's a dog owner too.


    "Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend; inside of a dog it's too dark to read."

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    Re: dog

    Quote Originally Posted by korgsp200
    me gettin a cocker spaniel for free tomorrow..

    Puppy? .

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    Re: dog

    Congrats, dogs are great! We have a mixed breed, half Shih Tzu, half something else... she's quite a character... as are most dogs!
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    "serious music" ... as if the rest of us are just kidding

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    Re: dog

    Definitely a dog lover here, although my current apartment doesn't allow them.

    We solved that by getting two kittens yesterday! I've never been a cat person but these two are adorable. I'd post pictures but I'm trying really hard not to become one of those annoying cat people.


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    Red face Re: dog

    We've got a designer breed puppy, 7 months old - partially like Sean's. She's half Shih Tzu and half poodle, they call this particular mix a 'Shih-Poo'. (For some reason or other, it is not Poo-Shih T :-) She's cuddly, smart, trainable, non-allergenic, non-shedding, a true rascal, and will have a vocabulary of 10 different sounds/barks. She almost sings a little when I howl with her, I'm going to work on that some more.

    'Targhee' is in training to be a certified therapy dog, and will work with my wife Renee in her charity program, where she calls on homebound people (elder, or injured and recovering, or invalid, or whatever).

    Everyone who meets her becomes hopelessly fond of Targhee. Amazing what a huge role these dogs take on in the family ...


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    Re: dog

    We have three dogs; a 13-year-old Sheltie named Hannah, a 4-year-old Sheltie named Kelsey, and a 9-month-old Brussels Griffon named Baxter.

    Most of the time I love them.
    Dan Powers

    "It's easier to be a composer than it is to compose."
    --Ray Luke (1928-2010)

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    Re: dog

    the current dog population here is two, which two too few to me!

    I had a Cocker Spaniel when I was single, he went blind when he was about 11, but that never slowed him down. I had to have him put to sleep when he was 14, a very sad day!!

    I have been told that Cocker Spaniels have a reputation for biting. Mine was, on the whole, a very good dog. He could get snappy, which made some folks nervous, and he did bite me once, but that was not entirely his fault. I did not, at that time, realize he was losing his vision. I took him for a walk on a very sunny day with a foot of bright white snow on the ground, and it must have temporarily blinded him. When we got inside he couldn't see a thing and panicked. When I tried to grab him (dumb!) he snapped and bit my hand.

    He was a birthday gift from my college sweetheart, about three months before she bolted<G>! He left me the day after I met my future wife! I've always believed that may have been more than sheer coincidence!

    Currently we have a mixed breed named Whiskey, we got him from a local rescue league. He is amazing with the three little ones, and very protective. They can pull his fur, ears, and tail and he just looks at me with this "please get them away from me" look!

    Last year I was given a Golden Lab puppy as a Father's day gift. He is very high strung, and we are patiently waiting for him to calm down just a little<G>!

    As a kid we always had at least four dogs, two of who were German Shepards or Shepard mixes. I'd love to add a Shepard mix to the family, but with three kids under the age of four I think two dogs is enough for now...

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    Re: dog

    Quote Originally Posted by korgsp200
    any dog lovers here ?
    Since I don't hang out at bars drinking until closing time, I rarely have those problems anymore...
    Christopher Duncan
    Author of
    Unite the Tribes and The Career Programmer

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    Re: dog

    Quote Originally Posted by Christopher Duncan
    Since I don't hang out at bars drinking until closing time, I rarely have those problems anymore...
    Hahaha, I can identify with that

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