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Topic: Hurray for Giga:

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    Talking Hurray for Giga:

    Giga fans:

    I am in Mexico, the Yucatan for a week and since the hotel has a ¨free¨¨ internet PC, I look in on this forum every day, as I do at home too. Just realized, that contrary to what we had a year ago, with 20 or 30 postings of various degrees of desperation, frustration complaints, we now have two or three postings /day, and most of them just "useage" questions or comments.
    I think that is great!
    By the way, could someone tell me if it is possible for me to install GS3 on a different PC in Mexico, this PC is permanently in Mexico, where I am for 4 months of the year. While I am there, nobody is using my home PC and vice versa?
    I mean, without paying for an other GS3 Orchestra?


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    Re: Hurray for Giga:

    I suppose you could cheat them out of it but soon Tascam will release GVI( giga virtuale instrument) like in VST, and you as a owner of GS3 Och. will be able to upgrade for $50 and keep you GS3 license .

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