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Topic: Problem with “Change velocity-curve” script in Kontakt 2

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    Problem with “Change velocity-curve” script in Kontakt 2

    When I press very hard the keys of my CME UF8 controller, it outputs no more than 110-115 velocity notes, even using the softest velocity curve setting. Then, I was using the “Change velocity-curve” script in Kontakt 2 to get higher velocity notes when playing my piano libraries, but I have notice than although the volume increase as I increase the “offset” in the script, the higher layers of my piano libraries are not played. For example, if I play a 60 velocity note and I set the offset in 50, I hear the volume of a 110 velocity note, but the layer corresponding to a 60 velocity note is played. It happens with all my piano libraries and, in consequence, I can’t play with the sound of the higher layers in the stand-alone version. Also, I would like to know why it happens.
    Thanks in advance for your reply.

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    Re: Problem with “Change velocity-curve” script in Kontakt 2

    Hi Gonz,
    are you sure that you actually trigger the lower velocity layers?
    I checked this out and it seems that the red indicators in the Mapping Editor correspond to the velocities of the incoming notes (which is strange). That is, the velocities as they are before having been altered by the script. As far as I can tell this is strictly a GUI issue.
    Eg. Kontakt indicates that the lower zones are triggered, but if I remove the upper zones I get no sound which shows that the red indicators are wrong.


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