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Topic: Introducing Myself and Asking some questions

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    Introducing Myself and Asking some questions

    Hi Everybody.
    My Name is Horace and I'm from Argentina.
    I've been reading the pages here and I found myself very interested specialy for Game Audio.
    I love games, and I'm musician. Every now and then I try to take a time to create some music parts that could fit perfectly into a game, Adventures like Monkey Island or Broken Sword III are my favourites. If someone here knows and have the time to help me to find a way to get into Game Audio thing, I'd really APRECIATE. Although I'll give myself a chance to send material to some game developers in order to perform some serious project in which I'd have the responsability of making sound to a game story, I'd like to be learning more and more deep in details in the meanwhile.

    I'll be sharing a link to my music soon for those who'd like to tell me what to correct.

    Thank you very much

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    Re: Introducing Myself and Asking some questions

    Hey Horace, glad to see you come aboard! For all matters game audio related, you should check out places like www.music4games.net and www.audiogang.org, and also become familiar with the industry as a whole by subscribing to www.gamasutra.com as well. We even have some literature you can read, most notably Aaron Marks' Complete Guide to Game Audio and Alexander Brandon's Audio for Games: Planning, Process, and Production.

    Once you've prepared demos of your own music, as well as put up a good website and perhaps done a few soundtracks for independent games (check out www.gamedev.net forums to find indie people who might be interested), you'll want to further your career by attending the Game Developers Conference (www.gdconf.org). The GDC is helpful both on a technical level and for networking, so it's definitely worth your while. It sounds like you're into the more fun/colorful/adventurous style of gaming, so you might be especially interested in the casual games market (and/or mobile games). There's separate conferences (eg. www.casualgamesconference.com) for those realms too, as well as a "Casual Games Summit" component of the GDC.

    Living in Argentina might not necessarily mean you'd need to relocate if you're focusing squarely on music, but fairly often in casual/mobile games they'll expect the music guy to also be able to handle come degree of sound effects or even implementation. That usually means you'd be working on-site (physically at the company), and so it might be necessary to move somewhere like Texas or California if you can't find as much game development where you're at.

    But yeah, I'd definitely say that a good first step would be to read Brandon's and Marks' books, then join the aforementioned forums / websites, make up a demo and a website of your own, and try to score some independent (read: non-profit) gigs. Best of luck!
    Wilbert Roget, II

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    Re: Introducing Myself and Asking some questions

    Thank you very much for your message.
    It really helps me a lot. I've been looking around to get the Aaron's book, and finally a friend from L.A will be sending me the book soon. While I've been performing some musical ideas.

    I visited some of the sites you've mentioned so I see I'll have to take some time to learn and all the info available in every site.

    One more time thank you very much and I hope to get in touch with you soon to tell you how my career is going.


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    Re: Introducing Myself and Asking some questions

    Thanks for recommending the book, Will - it feels a bit out of place for me to do it.

    Welcome to game audio, Horace. I wish you much luck!


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    Re: Introducing Myself and Asking some questions

    Thanks for responding with all that information. I'll check out those URLs. I am new here as well, and game music appeals to me. I started my hand at producing less than a year ago - mainly Trance tracks. I used to be a heavy gamer, but my love of producing has kind of put gaming on the back burner. Getting into gaming music could allow for the best of both worlds.

    The producing is done strictly as a hobby as I already have a good career in another field. But, one never knows where hobbies and interests may lead them.

    Again, thanks for the information.


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