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Topic: Anyone need tuition?

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    Anyone need tuition?

    I have room for one more student in my email class. I can teach advanced harmony, composition, form, orchestration.

    Tuition is free and open-ended but student must:

    1) Have Sibelius, for passing work back and forth;
    2) Have enough spare time to send work in once or twice a week
    3) Have sufficient grounding in rudiments, elementary harmony.
    4) Want to be a good composer!

    Email me with details of your background.

    Terry Dwyer (td@quorndon.com)

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    Re: Anyone need tuition?

    I have a bachelors degree in Violin Performance from The Eastman School of Music...with all the theory and such that came with it. I got straight A grades; but I wasn't happy with the primarily analysis-oriented approach. That approach just wasn't terribly meaningful, my TAs (I had only one professor the entire time) were pretty clueless, and I have forgotten a tremendous amount of what I "learned". I REALLY enjoyed the one composition theory elective that I took.

    Do you think that my participation would be worth my/our time? I may have to miss some assignments to keep up with my primary activities (lessons, practice, auditions, job, etc.). ...your call.

    P.S. I'm forwarding a copy of this post with more details via email.

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    Re: Anyone need tuition?

    The place is now filled.


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