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Topic: Broken Mirror Soundtrack

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    Post Broken Mirror Soundtrack

    Hello friends,
    it' long time ago, i did my last post.
    But there is so so many work.
    I' am currently working on a german SciFi Movie called "Broken Mirror".
    For this score i use different libs, but mostly GPO, because of its flexibility.

    For more information visit:



    Gary, hope this find it's place on Garritan News

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    Re: Broken Mirror Soundtrack


    Congratulations on your new film. This is wonderful news! Doing music for a sci fi film must be one of the best assignments one can get.

    I am looking forward to seeing the movie when it's released and hearing your music in it. Do you think it will be released before Musikmesse next year?

    Wishing you great success with this project..

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Broken Mirror Soundtrack

    Hi Andy,

    I'm afraid to go on with my "song of praise" regarding your work. All I've heard is well done stuff and you derserve all the success.

    Did I told you that I'm in my 1st short-movie music? Hope I'll do it well. Oh, and I'm using GPO stuff in this project too!

    Quote Originally Posted by Garritan
    Do you think it will be released before Musikmesse next year?
    Gary, will you come back to Germany next year? Maybe with GPOA in your hands? Than I have one good reason to put some money in my piggy bank to pay the entry fee next year.


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    Re: Broken Mirror Soundtrack

    Thank you all,
    the movie will be released on october 2006, so i will present you a DVD on the next Musikmesse in Frankfurt.
    I've send you a PM because i need something for the "Making of ..".

    don't be afraid to do this.
    I think a heard the name before, perhaps from NEOTRAX?
    Let me know about your project.


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    Re: Broken Mirror Soundtrack

    Congratulations on the film, Andy!

    Like Gary says... a scifi movie, at that... nice work!

    Any sneak previews of the music available, Andy?

    My best,


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    Re: Broken Mirror Soundtrack

    Thank you.
    You can take a look on the movie trailer:

    And here is an extract of the music from a sad scene:

    Here is an extract of the main theme:


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    Re: Broken Mirror Soundtrack

    Beautifully done, Andy!

    I couldn't get the .avi to load, but I did listen to both snippets.

    Your music will surely be strongly contributory to the film's success.



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    Re: Broken Mirror Soundtrack

    Thank you David,
    hope it will be so.

    This project is very important for me and the whole crew.


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    Re: Broken Mirror Soundtrack

    for all people who have problems with the divx Trailer Video,
    here ist a direct streaming version:

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    Re: Broken Mirror Soundtrack

    Cool stuff Andy! The first reason this topic caught my eye is a bit of fun trivia. When I was a kid and sang in the boychoir, I actually sang on a soundtrack to a movie called Broken Mirror. I'm not sure if the movie ever got released though, but it sounded like an interesting concept. This definately isn't the same movie though

    Best of luck with it!

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