I'd like the release parameter to be always the same for every possible velocity of an instrument, and not depending on velocity, but I've no luck. The manual lacks of deep information, it says only: "Refer to the previous curve and response diagrams" - meaning diagrams of standard velocity response. But that's the problem - for standard velocity response the Nonlinear, Linear, Special parameters are clear, as well as high to low dynamic ranges, but for Release velocity response, it just doesn't work at all in described way.

According to the manual (where standard Velocity Response parameters are described) - the situation I want (allways the same release time) would be achieved if: Release Velocity Response Curve is set to "linear" and dynamic range set to "low". But if fact, it doesn't work, the release is changing with velocity somehow. The only situation when it seems almost OK I have found with these settings: Standard Velocity Response Curve set to "nonlinear" with "medium" dynamic range and Release Velocity Response Curve set to "nonlinear" with "high" dynamic range. But according to the manual, it should be impossible to achieve non-changing response with Non-linear curve at all. It should be done with Linear only - but in reality the result it much worse. So I am really confused how it really works and I don't understand it.

So, I want to ask whether there is any function or procedure - something like "Disable release changing depending on velocity at all"? I hope it is possible somehow easily and only I am missing the point. Thanks a lot for any help.