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Topic: Basic MIDI rendering

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    Basic MIDI rendering

    This may be a very trivial question.
    I'm planning to get JABB and GPO and use with compatible version of Finale or Sibelius.
    My simple initial requirement is to re-render midi files output from existing older version of Finale
    I have basic XP configuration with 3GHz and 2GB RAM.

    WIll I be able to treat the library as a MIDI device.
    Will I be able to render a WAV file from the output

    Thanks Dave

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    Re: Basic MIDI rendering

    Yes and no. Yes you will be able to have all the notes played and you can record the files to audio. The no part comes in if you want the instruments to sound their very best. For instance, GPO and JABB respond to mod-wheel data for volume control, and not CC7, There are other things that will need to be tweaked if you are after realism. But if you can take the time to do this tweaking I'll bet you have a thing of beauty.

    Check the Garritan website for utilities that can help you do a better job with this task.


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    Re: Basic MIDI rendering

    There used to be a midi translator file for GPO. Some information is below
    This is a java applet so you'll need to download .

    I do have a copy so you can email me privately if you want me to send it to you. I never used it so cannot pass judgement on it

    GPO Standard MIDI File Translator


    The Garritan Personal Orchestra MIDI File Translator is a utility that you can use to translate any standard MIDI file to a new file that is optimized for playback with GPO. Standard MIDI files use note-on velocities (how hard you press a key on a keyboard) to determine volume at any point in a track, whereas GPO uses Mod Wheel to determine the volume. The MIDI File Translator translates the note-on velocities into Mod Wheel events that GPO can understand. After you translate a standard MIDI file into a GPO optimized file, your playback of that midi sequence with GPO will be improved immensely!
    Using the MIDI File Translator

    On Windows, you must download and install Java from www.java.com, before you will be able to start the translator.

    usage paragraphs deleted here to save space but included in the full file

    Limits of Standard MIDI Files

    Standard MIDI files (unless created using GPO) are not necessarily the best match for Garritan Personal Orchestra if you wish to hear the very best music that is possible with GPO.

    As always, you will be able to obtain the best results from GPO if you create your own MIDI sequences by recording the parts yourself, rather than using a pre-created MIDI file. Any MIDI file not created specifically for GPO will be missing the important and fundamental features to GPO that you can add when creating your own sequences, such as legato, crescendos/decrescendos, and attack speed variations, just to name a few. Please read the Garritan Personal Orchestra manual to understand the full controls that are available to you when playing and recording parts. Using and understanding these controls will make an amazing difference in the quality of sound you will achieve.

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    Re: Basic MIDI rendering

    Thanks Karl and Fred - I've now confidence I can do what I need short term.
    I've just taken delivery of GPO and JABB so starting the learning curve now.
    Will reply again if I need to take the offer of the translator - many thanks.

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