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Topic: Interesting: Remote View the Future

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    Interesting: Remote View the Future

    Try the Academy of Remove Viewing and Remote Influencing.

    "The Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing has been teaching since 1997 life-saving & awareness enhancing techniques which allow anyone to view and manipulate the probable future quantum fields of Reality by highly energized thought-power alone. This advanced remote sensing of probable future events might become critical in surviving and flourishing in the first 12 years of the "Millennium 2000 disturbances." This invaluable mind technology allows our students to Remote View in advance any of these probable future events and learn to Remote Influence their own reality, in order to be surrounded by serenity, prosperity, health, and happiness."
    Take the course and experience GPOA, find out the next mega movie score, manipulate American Idol, predict what etLux will wear next, remote view DPDan at work, predict the winning lottery numbers...the possibilities are endless

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    Re: Interesting: Remote View the Future

    I don't think so! My kids are always losing the remote and one more could be disastrous!
    Then again, let me see.......

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    Re: Interesting: Remote View the Future

    Ha!! And only for $250!
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    Re: Interesting: Remote View the Future

    Swami Sosnowski sees...
    someone with a huge fat
    wallet... difficult... the
    picture is cloudy and
    indistinct before me...
    see Remote Viewing...
    impressions of -- yes,
    yes, this part is clear:
    bilking and swindle.

    That will be $250, please.

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    Re: Interesting: Remote View the Future

    vyer scary!!!
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    Re: Interesting: Remote View the Future

    Quote Originally Posted by newmewzikboy
    very scary!!!
    Sorry, NMB.

    I'll take off the turban.


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