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Topic: Cicks and pops when Reverb or Gpulse enabled!!!

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    Thumbs down Cicks and pops when Reverb or Gpulse enabled!!!

    I'm at my wit's end here. I've been on the phone twice with Tascam in the last 2 days.... each time for over an hour...

    I'm getting click and pops with my Giga Studio Orch (AMD3500+, 2 GIgs Ram, RME HDSP 9652 (latest drivers and firmware) Windows XP SP2) and I updated to Giga Studio 3.12.

    I can get this thing to click by just enabling the basic reverb NFX 1 Reverb (even with an empty template).... and we can't figure out what it is.

    I even swapped RMEs with another one of my computers.... GIga still pops... I even went out and bought a new friggin computer (Intel P4 3.2) because Tascam Tech support was just scratching their head.... STILL CLICK AND POPS!!!

    I called back Tascam Tech and went over every XP tweak they had and went over everything... nothing helped!!!

    Any ideas???

    I'm guessing that maybe 3.12 is corrupt... or I have a bad .dll somewhere???

    I'm at my wit's end here.... any help would be greatly appreciated.



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    Re: Cicks and pops when Reverb or Gpulse enabled!!!

    You could always download a fresh copy of 3.12, so that you can be sure that the file is clean.

    Also, you may have some background program running that it slamming your system periodically. I use the tweaks at http://www.videoguys.com/WinXP.html as a guide for turning off the junk.

    The other common part seems to be your audio card. Maybe it's faulty, or has a corrupted driver.

    Best of luck!

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    Re: Cicks and pops when Reverb or Gpulse enabled!!!

    Four initial thoughts:

    (1) Are you overloading your CPU? Keep an eye on the CPU meter as you load/launch the reverb...

    (2) What are your sample rate / buffer size / samples per buffer / etc. sound card numbers?

    (3) Does the sample rate that you've selected in Giga's Configuration Manager match the sample rate that you've selected in whatever app accompanies your sound card?

    (4) I'm not familiar with the RME... it's PCI-based, isn't it? If so, look in Windows Device Manager to make sure that your sound card isn't sharing an IRQ with any other device. Sometimes swapping motehrboard slots can fix problems like this.

    Good luck with everything!!
    — alanb




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    Re: Cicks and pops when Reverb or Gpulse enabled!!!

    THanks Jon and Alanb,

    I've tried all of those things.... no IRQ issues... swapped cards.... swapped computers... Even the good guys at Vision DAW (who didn't build this computer but who did build my dual opteron) couldn't figure it out... too weird.

    I'm going to roll back to 3.04 and if that doesn't solve the problem, Vision DAW will build me one in a couple of days.

    Thanks again for all you help guys.



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    Re: Cicks and pops when Reverb or Gpulse enabled!!!

    At the risking of being redundant...
    Are you using SPDIF or Wordclock on the RME with another device?
    Make sure everything connected is syncing right, at the same sample rate, and that what you normally use for master clock is still being master. Also make sure another audio program isn't trying to hold on to audio ports even when closed and causing clash of sample rates.

    I couldn't tell from your post if you have everything on one computer or Giga on it's own. If seperate machine are you running FXTeleport or MOL? If so maybe something new is causing traffic on the LAN?

    If it is definitely only happening when you add an FX in Giga does moving the mouse around/changing widgets opening meters make a difference? Just wondering if it's somehow graphics related along with x-amount of CPU use??

    Hard to nail things like this down, especially when you see the same thing on two different computers. Makes me want to look back at the RME settings since it's the common component.

    Good Luck,

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    Re: Cicks and pops when Reverb or Gpulse enabled!!!

    HI Jeff,

    THanks for posting.... I don't have it synched to anything.... it's a stand-alone GS3 set to internal. I did try to synch it with WC from my Lucid box (just to test it) and that didn't help.

    No FX teleport... just RME midi in and 2 other ports form the Motu Micro Lite.

    CPU is completely unrelated... I monitored through Task Manager and click and pops were seemingly random... all the while nothing is being played.... only the FX are on.... and the really wierd thing is this guy is having the same issues:


    Anyway.... Vision DAW is building me a new one besause I'm behind on my deadlines as it is.

    THanks again for all the help.



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    Re: Cicks and pops when Reverb or Gpulse enabled!!!

    HI Guys,

    I thought I'd fill you in on what the problem was.

    It's not GIga Studio.. at least not the main culprit.

    Vision DAW came over and replaced the computer and when they engaged the FX... the same thing happened.

    We replaced the Optical Cable... same thing happened. We hooked up a K2 machine to the same audio interface... all fine.

    Eventually... we connected the Gioga Studio to an entirely new audio interface and the problem was gone. It turns out that my Nuendo 8io audio interface was being freaked out by the Giga but only when FX were engaged. Otherwise... there were only occasional clicks and pops.

    So... I think my audio interface is dying... or something in the GS3 data is freaking out this unit... either way... it's not the GS3 because I 'm now cascading it into another RME 9652 and all is fine.

    Since this new computer was a custom build, this was a $1700 lesson for me... although I can always use another computer.

    This is the weirdest thing I've seen happen in my 20 years of doing this.



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