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Topic: How To Work w/JABB?

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    How To Work w/JABB?


    I'm looking toward getting JABB shortly, but have a question:

    I'll be using it primarly for two purposes; to experiment with various instrument combinations/colors, and as a playback source for big band scores in Finale. I doubt that I'll ever really spend much time trying to do a "realistic mockup"; I just want a better sound source to work with in Finale. So with that in mind: Is there sort of a "generic articulation" of each horn that I can use when in the early stages of composition, when I don't really care too much about what type of articulation is used, when it's more about note choices and voicings? Thanks.

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    Re: How To Work w/JABB?

    In this case JABB will be a good choice for you. The instruments are not divided into a million different articulations. You want a tenor sax, you load a tenor sax, period (you have 3-4 different tenor saxes to choose from, depending on the kind of style and tone color you're looking for). Articulations and other sound tweaks are adjusted through MIDI controller messages, not patch changes.


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    Re: How To Work w/JABB?

    Gotcha; sounds like it's exactly what I need. Thanks!

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