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Topic: Unusual JABB issue...

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    Unusual JABB issue...

    Ok, I'm using JABB with Noteworthy Composer. Everything has been going smoothly until just now I realized that the Upright Bass is giving me this loud noise that MAY be a finger noise, I'm not sure. I haven't inserted any wierd CCs and nothing else has changed, it just happened all of a sudden--I was getting a good "bum" and now it's like a "TISSsum" at higher velocities. I exported the midi file to cakewalk MC Pro and looked at everything in detail--like I said--no out of place CCs or anything. I even inserted CC13 (Finger noises) and set it to 0, to no avail. I also loaded th bass in a different channel, thinking that some CC oversight may be stuck for some reason, but I'm experiencing the same issue. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Re: Unusual JABB issue...

    It's been a while since I use the bass in JABB. However, did you try editing velocity? If I am correct, harder you strike a key will also dictate the difference from a lighter attack and a heavy attack.
    Hope this helps some.

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    Re: Unusual JABB issue...

    I have modified the velocity. This results in the entire note being softer. I then increase the volume controller and I'm back where I started.

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