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Topic: KORE & Spectrasonics plug-ins?

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    KORE & Spectrasonics plug-ins?


    I post my question in this forum because I know that the extremly helpful staff of Spectrasonics is frequently present (and I don't know if they also monitor the forums over at NI).

    Apparently some (or even all?) people can't run the Spectrasonics plugs in KORE. As yet there's no answer from the part of NI. Does Spectrasonics know about these issues - and will there be a solution? As I'm relying heavily on these plugs (who doesn't...), it would be a major draw-back for me if I can't use them with KORE.

    Thanks in advance for a reply,

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    Re: KORE & Spectrasonics plug-ins?

    Yeah, they are extremely helpful ***IF*** you can ever get through to them. Mostly, they just let the answering machine handle their calls.

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    Re: KORE & Spectrasonics plug-ins?

    In fact, support calls have been live all week, since traffic has been very low.

    KORE has not been tested by Spectrasonics yet, so we are unaware of any issues with our plugs. NI did not provide KORE test units to all the third party plug-in developers, so I imagine it might take awhile to guarantee full compatibility.

    They did mention in their trade show demos that KORE was compatible with our plug-ins, as they are with other VST/AU hosts.

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    Re: KORE & Spectrasonics plug-ins?

    There is already a pre-programmed Stylus RMX controller page in Kore, so it should be possible to use it with Kore. Haven't tried it so far, though (due to me being unable to load the latest update, thanks to an authorization problem... sigh; that said, Kore is a nice concept, with the usual V 1.0 problems).

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    Re: KORE & Spectrasonics plug-ins?

    Thanks for your reply, spectrum

    I was refering to the thread "Spectrasonics Atmosphere" over at the NI-forum, in which NI acknowledges a problem with the UVI-engine. It's due to be fixed in the next update - che sara, sara i guess...

    Best wishes,

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