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Topic: 2 quick K2.1 questions... promise!

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    Question 2 quick K2.1 questions... promise!

    Hi to all,

    (1) Do I have to install the 2.01 and 2.02 updates before I install the 2.1 update or can I go directly from Kontakt 2.00 to 2.1?

    (2) Is it possible to just update the vst plugin to 2.1 and leave the standalone at 2.02? They are separate, correct? The way I would do it would be to *not* run the 2.1 installer, but instead just copy the new 2.1 vst over the old 2.0 vst. What do you think, will it work, or will it cause all sorts of problems?


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    Re: 2 quick K2.1 questions... promise!

    1. I think you can go directly to version 2.1

    2. Why would you want to do that ? You could always try. If there are problems, just uninstall and start all over.


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    Re: 2 quick K2.1 questions... promise!

    Yeah my method does not seem to work; I get no sound just silence. The original idea was to come up with a way to easily switch between 2.02 and 2.1 by just overwriting the pertinent dlls but it does not seem to work. I guess I'll just wait for 2.11 and try to live with that...

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    Re: 2 quick K2.1 questions... promise!

    You could try renaming the .dll, this is from NI's Kontakt forum (posted by Dup) :

    ""The solution I found: is to take the version of Kontakt 2.01 ( the one with 14'040 Ko) rename it Kontakt201.dll
    and put it in the vstplugin and when I use Cubase sx I can choose the version of Kontakt I want to load,:
    Kontakt.dll (ver 1.5)
    Kontakt201.dll ( version 2.01)
    Kontakt2.dll (last version)""

    Hope he doesn't mind me quoting this.


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    Re: 2 quick K2.1 questions... promise!

    Thanks! I will try this...

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