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Topic: String KS vs. Short+Sus Ag & Lush

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    String KS vs. Short+Sus Ag & Lush

    Folks, I've been doing some comparisons between the KS string ensemble samples and the independent (i.e. NOT KS) string ensemble samples.

    Correct me if I'm wrong; but I can't seem to get the KS instruments to emulate the sound of the Short+Sus Ag (aggressive) sample. It seems that one would be able to use the Short+Sus KS mode and just strike the controller keys hard/fast to get an aggressive attack, sustained note. However, I can't get the KS version so maintain the same aggressive quality of attack at all volume levels. (The Short+Sus Ag sample does this quite well, with very energetic attacks even at very low MOD wheel settings.) As with other MOD-wheel controlled samples, the KS Short+Sus modes get less aggressive at lower volume levels. Unfortunately, the CC16 control (which works wonderfully in the ALT, UP and DOWN KS modes) has no effect on the articulations in Short+Sus modes. And no matter how hard I hit the keys, I can't get the KS Short+Sus to match the aggressive articulations of the Ag sample, especially at low volumes.

    Also, the Lush and Lush Mute strings have a quality that I can't emulate perfectly in the KS instruments either. I've played around with the various length, legato, VAR (timbre) controls, etc. But the Lush samples still sound distinctly different.

    Right now, I'm just loading the Short+Sus Ag and the Lush/LushMute samples addition to the KS instruments, so that I have access to the full range of the ensemble sounds. If there is some way to exactly imitate these three sounds within the KS instruments, I'd love to hear about it.

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    Re: String KS vs. Short+Sus Ag & Lush

    O thou gurus of GPO wisdom. Have thou not a morsel of truth for thy little brother?

    C'mon....somebody's got to know the answer.

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    Re: String KS vs. Short+Sus Ag & Lush

    You will need to load the 2 extra patches as they are not in the KS instrument. The lush samples are different in that they have layered solo violins included and so are completely different than the sustain+short samples. I believe Tom used just the standard Short bows in the KS as they are usually more useful for regular use as they are closer to the real sound of the samples. The AG short bows have added EQ to make them more aggressive.


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    Re: String KS vs. Short+Sus Ag & Lush

    I have some problems with articulations as well, but usually in the opposite direction. I have a lot of trouble getting violins to play exposed legato lines for any of the sample sets, especially at pianissimo levels. The lush samples may do this better, but there are no short bow samples to match, not to mention no trills.

    I know that the aggressive patches have an extra layer or two of sound to get the gritty bow sound, so I wouldn't expect to be able to match it with the non-aggressive patches. I tend to just use as many different sample sets as are necessary to piece together an entire work. Mostly I use the KS samples, and switch between short bow and long. I usually find the short bow sufficient in its grittiness for what I'm doing, but if I need more, I'll load up a seperate instance with the aggressive patch, and do layering or whatever it takes.

    I have a feeling that GPOA will address these issues, and can't wait for that library to become available.
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    Re: String KS vs. Short+Sus Ag & Lush


    Yup...GPOA should be cool. Has there been any word on what it will cost? I've got to get my PC upgraded. All this software is wonderful; but it seem like there's some cool new $200-400 gotta-have program/library every time I blink!

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