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Topic: Pointing GPO to Another Folder

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    Exclamation Pointing GPO to Another Folder

    I'm about to get Sibelius 4.1 and the GPO crossgrade, keeping my fingers crossed that it will be worth the investment.

    Anyway, I've read elsewhere on this forum that because Sibelius insists on having the .nks files in it's own folders there is a way to point the GPO vst (and therefore Studio?) to a different folder location where it can find the .nks files. But the thread didn't say how.

    So, can anyone tell me how to redirect GPO vst/Studio to the new folder where the .nks files will soon be living?



    P.S. Yes, I know that I can simply copy the .nks files over, but I don't have enough disk space to do that.

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    Re: Pointing GPO to Another Folder

    Click on Options (under the big Load button) and in the middle of that window you can select the library folder.

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