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Topic: Urgent problem with Logic Pro tranposed notes

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    Urgent problem with Logic Pro tranposed notes

    Am in urgent need of help with a problem I think has come about since upgrading from Logic Express to Logic Pro.
    I have opened a couple of older Logic Express songs in Logic Pro and have encountered some serious problems with SOME parts (not all) being in the wrong key, as if they have been mysteriously transposed up or down a semitone.

    Some songs remain unchanged and perfectly fine, so it isn't a problem across the board with importing Logic Express songs. It is proving to be an absolute pain & extremely time consuming to transpose all the parts up or down & moreover I want to know what on earth is going on. These are all finished compositions which I merely want to tweak/re-compress/bounce so this problem is completely holding me back!

    It could well be extremely simple & I'm being an idiot, but genuinely have no idea how to fix this.

    Please please can someone help & explain what might be going on as I have a deadline for getting these tracks to various people.


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    Re: Urgent problem with Logic Pro tranposed notes

    Hi Andrea, can you compare the parts that are transposed with some that aren't? Highlight the midi (only one) region and look on the left side of the arrange page where the Quantize and Transpose info is. The Transpose amount should normaly say "Transpos+-0" Highlight different midi regions and see if there is any transposing going on. If Trasnpose has an * next to it, that means what you've highlighted has different transositions going on. Let me know if any of this shows up.

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    Re: Urgent problem with Logic Pro tranposed notes

    Hi & thanks for your advice.

    Have checked as you suggest and highlighted all the different audio unit regions - those apparently transposed, those not. No difference in terms of the "transpose" on the LH side.

    The only thing the apparently transposed parts seem to have in common are that they are all the string parts, (I use East West Quantum Leap strings). This may not be the only common factor however. I would need to check every other song to verify this.

    In the meantime, any more ideas what could be the problem?

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    Re: Urgent problem with Logic Pro tranposed notes

    What instrument was playing the string parts? I've had this happen with some plug-ins when using the mod wheel for things and not having it in the same place when the song opened again. Are the sounds in all these songs from the same instrument? And was it a plug-in or external module?

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    Re: Urgent problem with Logic Pro tranposed notes

    Sorry, I was replying before reading your whole post. Maybe when you open one of the problem songs you could reset midi before playing. I don't know what sequencer your using either, but is there a way to look at the midi data of the tracks and see if there's pitch bend recorded? I've done this by accident too cause my controller is under the desk and sometimes the pitch and mod wheels get moved.

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    Re: Urgent problem with Logic Pro tranposed notes

    Right. Just to confuse things I have just opened up another track and this time the problem is with the Bosendorfer piano. And the B4 on a separate track.

    The one thing I have noticed is that both these tracks are frozen (ie I must have frozen them before to free up CPU power)

    Could this have a bearing on things, ie is the freezing of tracks possibly the problem?

    Will open up the original track I was referring to to double check if again it is all those frozen tracks too....???

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    Re: Urgent problem with Logic Pro tranposed notes

    It could, If the track is frozen there'd be no way to fix the pitch. Maybe un-freeze and then check if there's pitch recorded somewhere in the track. If you can watch the midi data (minus note info) as the parts go by you might see something.

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    Re: Urgent problem with Logic Pro tranposed notes

    Try re-launching the audio driver.
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    Re: Urgent problem with Logic Pro tranposed notes

    Make sure, if you are using the pitch wheel in these tracks, that there is a CC at the beginning of the track to reset it. I have the same problem with some bass barts that get stopped or caught before the pitch wheel resets.

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    Re: Urgent problem with Logic Pro tranposed notes


    Would you have been using sounddiver by any chance? This has a known transpose bug.
    Try looking at the event edit window of the tracks in question - not sitting in front of logic atm, but I think that editor will give you a look at all the midi information for that track.

    kind regards

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