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Topic: The Climb....

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    The Climb....

    This is my fourth effort using GPO. Finally had a chance to finish a new piece. I hateworking 60 hr weeks

    Anyway.... hope you enjoy.


    Still needs some tweaking. Suggestions would be great in the way of what program to use- Sonar and such.
    Chef Marco Teti
    (Fine Replicated swords)

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    Re: The Climb....

    Please, Marco -- quit your day job.

    This is absolutely lovely... beautiful work... I have
    listened through it several times, and parts of it
    literally gave me chills.

    The rendering can perhaps use more attention to
    detail -- but this is great writing, Marco:



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    Re: The Climb....

    Nice arrangment!

    Has the feeling of movie soundtrack.. a great melody, nice slow development into a terrific conclusion.

    I especially enjoy the horn swells... gives it an Epic quality.

    Great work!


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    Re: The Climb....


    Your comments are always the ones I look forward to. Thanks for the kind remarks. AS far quiting my day job. I would if I could. I don't know if I have the capabilties to write music fulltime as some of the other wonderfull composers out there and make a decent living. If there is good money in it then I would venture forth although sparingly in the begining.

    One of the wonderfull things about being a chef is that you also compose dishes. You have your main themes. (Fish, game, poultry) and you compose subtle balances around them. Harmonious herbs and spices that complement a theme. A full course meal is almost a full blown symphony. Just like making an entree, You tweak and make adjustments according to where you want to go.

    Just like making an entree. You tweak and make adjustments according to where you want to go.


    Thanks for your kind words. I always love listening to movie scores. John Barry, John williams are my favorites. Just recenty I['ve been studying their scores to see how they voice certain instrumets to make the sounds they do.
    Chef Marco Teti
    (Fine Replicated swords)

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    Re: The Climb....

    You never know what the future may hold, Marco!


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    Senior Member valhalx's Avatar
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    Re: The Climb....

    Excellent work. I can certainly see (hear) this as a film score. Your passion for movie music shows. I liked the gradually increasing energy.
    Never look at the trombones. It only encourages them. Richard Strauss

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    Re: The Climb....

    Very good... I particully liked some of the brass work. It got me motivated for a project(s).

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    Re: The Climb....


    thanks for your kind comments.


    I always liked the gpo brass. I often take john williams's superman score and tweak the opening meausures. It sounds awesome.
    Chef Marco Teti
    (Fine Replicated swords)

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    Re: The Climb....

    Sorry to comment so late! I thoroughly enjoyed your piece . Great writing. Thank you.
    Kind Regards

    Louis Dekker
    My Music Site

    Pour être grand, il faut avoir été petit.

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    Re: The Climb....

    A film score maybe - but along the lines of Sound of Music, and old fashioned love tale. The Climb is a good name.

    By the way, listening to your music is a good way to come home and forget work ...


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