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Topic: Getting Started, HELP

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    Getting Started, HELP

    If anyone can give me a hand in getting started on my set up I would greatly apprciate it. I have a PIII 933, 512K RAM, 2-18G Seagate Ultra Wide SCSI HD @ 10,000RPM, 1- 30G EIDE HD, DVD ROM, CD-RW, a DELTA 1010, Mackie 1604VLZ-PRO, 2- Mackie HR824\'s, Dual 19\" Mitsubishi Monitors. As I am trying to load Gigasampler, everything is going great, then when the computer restarts it comes up with error code 40000, and says that my system has not been properly enabled. But it doesn\'t say where the problem is. Does anyone have any suggestions to point me in the right direction? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks....

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    Re: Getting Started, HELP

    Re-install Gigasampler, somehow it wasn\'t successful, I guess.
    Good lucks,

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