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Topic: Drag & drop on RMX using Logic Pro 7?

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    Unhappy Drag & drop on RMX using Logic Pro 7?

    Hello to all
    I'm a newbie to this forum, a long time Logic user, And I used the RMX extensively at another studio or few G4's. Here I'm using a G5. Iwas working with tech support; but they seemed to have forgot about me. Maybe someone here can help me. I only have 5 physical midi devices and permissions are ok (from the Spectasonics site). I have tons of virtual instruments. But get the same result even if I have nothing up but the RMX. I have all latest updates. All is well on my G4; but I not going to use it for music anymore.

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    Re: Drag & drop on RMX using Logic Pro 7?


    Tech support are currently caught up on calls and emails, so you should have had a response. Traffic is very light this week.

    Try again and you'll have an answer on Monday for sure.

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    Re: Drag & drop on RMX using Logic Pro 7?

    In relation with drag&drop trouble, I usually have crashes when my harddisk sleep configuration in Tiger is activated (it's activated as default in Tiger). I checked it without that "repose hd when it were posible" and drag&drop it appear works OK.

    I think it's a "waiting clock" problem. RMX doesn't support a big late in its hd access and it crash. The "Tiger HD repose mode" posibility it's a slave of the programs, if the application doesn't support that repose mode, it mustn't permit turn on the repose mode in Tiger. And this option in Tiger is very interesting for our HD's life.

    Thats my thinkin's
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