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Topic: Bachelor Party

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    Bachelor Party

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    Anybody wanting to attend the bachelor/going away party on Thursday is invited. $25 dollars each for the limo for a few hours, and bring plenty of $1 bills too, as we will be stopping at Ern's favorite hangout across the river about an hour away.

    Helping me pack the moving truck the day after is no extra charge....just bring the hangover medicine.

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    Re: Bachelor Party

    Hey Dan,

    I'm there! (In spirit anyway.)

    I was just in Minneapolis today, in the middle of flying back from Helsinki. Boy are my arms tired!

    Have a blast!

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    Re: Bachelor Party

    Thanks Jon. We'll save a seat in the limo for your "spirit". Does your "spirit" like couch dances too?

    I just checked out your websites. Great stuff!!!

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