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Topic: Running Windows Apps In OSX

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    Running Windows Apps In OSX

    There is Apple's Boot Camp and Parallels Workstation which both require a copy of Windows XP. Now there is Codeweavers Crossover Mac that allows the running of Windows apps in OSX without the need for Windows XP while still maintaining the Windows look and feel. If this pans out it could make things very interesting.


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    Re: Running Windows Apps In OSX

    The day the Codeweaver solution is built into the OS, without any additional layout of cash.

    THAT will be the day.

    Taken from somebody who bought way too many versions of virtual PC.

    Apple's boot camp still won't put the Mac in offices throughout Manhattan, 'cause when you have to switch apps, its gotta be in a New York minute!

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    Re: Running Windows Apps In OSX

    This should be useful. I just hope it works better than their wine for Linux does (it allows Windows programs to be run on Linux). Wine can't run Sibelius...
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