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Topic: Strad-Sonar-Multiple takes CC# interference

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    Unhappy Strad-Sonar-Multiple takes CC# interference

    CC messages still sent on muted track

    Background: Using Sonar 5.2pe with Garritan Stradivari/Kontakt 2.1
    The strad uses CC#1 Mod wheel for vibrato and CC#11 Expression for dynamics
    I'm laying down various ad-lib tracks while listening to previously recorded orchestral score

    First Strad take (Track 1) Output CH #1 Everything fine, Mod and expression controllers and note data recorded and PB OK.

    Second Strad take (Track 2) Output CH #1
    Mute first channel and begin to record.
    CC1 and CC11 data from track 1 apparently still appearing at input of Strad which interacts with new take creating interference.

    Placing Kontakt 2's Midi Moniter Script into the strad Script editor in #2 position confirms that midi cc data is still being received when track one is muted.

    Question and Solutions?

    Question - I had assumed tht muting a track also removed ALL midi data Notes, controllers etc from the track output - is this not the case? is it only midi note date that's muted?

    Solutions (so far) -
    1. put the Cakewalk midi efx "Midi Event Filter" into Track 1's effects bin and set it to remove all cc data from the track output.

    2. change track 1 output to a different Output channel not associated with any Strad/Kontakt inout channel

    Anyone else notice this or have other workarounds?


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    Re: Strad-Sonar-Multiple takes CC# interference

    Muting does not stop controllers and notes to stop. It just mutes the output for the channel so you can get interference. The best thing to do is archive the track which will stop all playback from the channel plus save CPU resources.


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