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Topic: Best soundcard for GS3

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    Best soundcard for GS3

    Hi I've just bought GS3 Orchestra and was wondering what the best soundcard to use with it is. I have quite a beefy pc but only an Audigy 2. Will this soundcard be fine with GS3? If not can you recommend. Thanks

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    Re: Best soundcard for GS3

    My Echo Layla 3G works fine with Gigastudio 2.5. I don't know about Gigastudio 3.

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    Re: Best soundcard for GS3

    The M-Audio Audiophile 2496 is a good low cost card that includes GSIF drivers. If you prefer balanced ins and outs, they may an Audiophile 192. Echo makes the MIA MIDI which has similar specs. I've used and like both.

    You can move up to cards with more I/O. There are many good Firewire options these days. RME seems to be the choice at the high end.

    Best of luck with your decision.

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    Re: Best soundcard for GS3

    Thanks for that. How will the Audigy 2 fair itself, is it any good with GS3 ?

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    Re: Best soundcard for GS3

    Quote Originally Posted by BigMrC
    Thanks for that. How will the Audigy 2 fair itself, is it any good with GS3 ?
    I don't think it will work unless you use it in rewire mode even then you will probably need some deferent drivers like these http://www.asio4all.com/ that is if you use Cubase, i don't know if it works whit other sequencer.

    I would go with a new soundcard like the one Jon mentioned, but i have to tell you that while they are all good and i like them, i had issue with all of them(2496,192,mia midi) so ''make sure'' you can return them if they don't work. Mia midi was the worst, it had 2 deferent system crash . I was sooo dissapointed cause that little card is great...maybe it will work on your system...

    Good luck!

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    Re: Best soundcard for GS3

    I second Jon F's advice. M audio cards have good support and work great for Gigastudio. I've been using an Audiophile 2496 with my GS3 computer for a while now and everything works great, and they are GSIF2 compatible. They are quite cheap, you can get one for about $100 at zzounds.com or audiomidi.com, or you can go to ebay, take a chance, and get one even cheaper.

    Good luck

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    Re: Best soundcard for GS3

    The MOTU 2408mk3 looks great, sounds great, is GSIF-2 compatible, and doubles as a mixer if you don't already have one:

    — alanb




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    Re: Best soundcard for GS3

    I use RME Fireface 800 on one & M-Audio FireWire 410 on my both PCs.
    Both external devices works great eith GS 3 Orchestra (& K2 & Vienna Instrumet).
    It has the advantage I can use it also together with my laptop if I'm out of studio.

    :-) jovan
    the man with the blue guitar

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    Re: Best soundcard for GS3

    I see in few posts in this forum , for take full advantages from Gsif2 drivers , you need compatible "Gsif2" and "kernel level midi implemented ", it 's better for latency in "realtime play mode" only if you connect traditionnal midi cable on this card .
    The most cheaper I see to do this it's Echo MiaMidi ,have many more i think but you must look specification carefully if you want this .
    And with this , if Gsif2 is really actived , you see mark "Gsif2" at the top of picture from small keyboard near 8 lights of midi activity in GS3 panel

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    Re: Best soundcard for GS3

    Thanks for all that, so currently with Audigy 2 and kX drivers I seem to be limited to 64 polophony, and the latency on the samples isn't good at all - I basically can't play "live" for it to capture all the notes properly. So would the Audiophile 2496 solve all this - would it allow me to play samples in GS3 using my digi piano and give much better results? Is the 2496 a much better card than the Audigy? Or should I go for something more expensive.

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