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Topic: waiting for GPOA or...

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    waiting for GPOA or...

    I have a real quick but important question for all of you.

    I am leaning on getting the FULL version of GPO but i know that GPOA is being worked on as i type this. Is it wise to wait for GPOA or to just get GPO because we really have no date on when GPOA is going to be finished?

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    Re: waiting for GPOA or...

    My guess is, there will be a decent upgrade path from GPO to GPOA. I wouldn't wait, since there is no word on when GPOA is due to hit the streets.

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    Re: waiting for GPOA or...

    I hear that Mr. G is aiming for releasing it in the year of 2006.
    But yeah I'd go for the full GPO because of the upgrade path, and you can also get used to the way Garritan libs feel.
    YAY!! GPOA!!!

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