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Topic: Difference between Ultra Focus and X-Treme FX?

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    Difference between Ultra Focus and X-Treme FX?

    I'm new to this site, so hello.

    Anyway, I have been interested in creating music for a long time. I have a MIDI keyboard that's close to a computer, so I often hook it up and use programs like Record Producer (Voyetra) to record music. I didn't like the voices on my keyboard because they were low quality and dull (only 256 voices).

    I then discovered soundfonts. They were cool... For a while. It grew to be too much of hassle to keep loading them, and the variety was not very good.

    I recently downloaded a demo to FL studio (FruityLoops), and I love it. It's a bit complicated, but I'm already getting the jist of it. I then saw how you can use third-party plugins to get even more sounds. I downloaded demos of both X-Treme FX and Ultra Focus by UltimateSoundBank and was very impressed. Both had different sounds that I liked, but I couldn't tell what the difference between the two programs was. Both have about 8 gigabytes of sounds, according to the website. I just want a diverse library of sounds that I can use to record using my MIDI keyboard. It says that X-treme FX is a "sound creation system", but it already has sounds as well.

    I'm confused. Please help me to choose which one would be best. Sorry for the long post.

    On a side note, is FL studio Producer a worthy upgrade from FL studio Fruity Edition? And are the boxed versions better than the downloadable ones? Why more money?

    Ok, now I'm done. Seriously.

    EDIT: I have recently looked up other softsynths, such as Absynth 3 and Atmosphere. I think these are the same types of programs, but better. Should I get one of these instead?
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    Re: Difference between Ultra Focus and X-Treme FX?

    What kind of music interests you? There are synths, samplers, romplers for every taste out there and many that span every taste as well.

    You clearly need to choose your sequencer (i'm sure FL studio is a good start, just make sure the version you choose does the minimum of what you're looking for). There are many others out there, another excellent starting one is Tracktion, so look there as well. But, much hardware comes with starter versions of the big ones, so for example, if you bought a decent sound card (like an EMU 0404, very low latency and good sound with that, and cheap) you'd get a sound card and several starter sequencers for about 100 bux, instead of just a starter sequencer for that. If the EMU isnt to your liking, look at something different that comes with a sequencer. That will give you a taste for what workflow you like.

    For sounds, if you want a variety of sounds, you might eve want to start with buying a sampler (such as Kontakt) that has a huge library built in. The included library there spans almost every type of musical taste and the fact that you now have a sampler, you can now open up your future purchasing decisions. A cheap way to get Kontakt is to buy a rompler with the Kompakt engine (basically a sound library with the small version of Kontakt included, so you dont need a sampler). Then, you can take advantage of the Kompakt->Kontakt upgrade. You can get libraries that include Kompakt for 70-100 bux and a Kontakt upgrade for about 200 if you look.

    Once you see what comes with Kontakt, then you can start expanding if you feel you need to and life is good.


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    Re: Difference between Ultra Focus and X-Treme FX?

    Well, I really like remixing game music, as well as creating my own tracks. I like using pads.

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    Wink Re: Difference between Ultra Focus and X-Treme FX?

    Hi Mike,

    Wow, a newbie actually saying he is such..a rarity. Welcome!!!

    This is a great place to learn about the people, the tools and the tricks of the trade!. Its a treasure trove of great people with extensive knowledge. I never run out of new things to learn. That's what I love about it most!!!

    So many good folks and so much juicy stuff to absorb!!!!

    And the developers(the guys who make all of these sounds and sound engines happen) so selflesly share their knowledge with us. Its just a great place! I hope you find it as rewarding and enriching as I have!

    I have Ultrafocus and have found it to be a lovely addition to my repertoir (thanks to my benefactors). It's pretty, its flexible and its expressive. I love it.

    Atmosphere always blows me away, so I just kind of consider "anything Spectrasonics" as a "must have tool".

    But in any event, stick around, this is a fabulous place to get a "heads up" on many different perspectives; and to meet some wonderful people!!!

    I wish you well in your endeavors of music and all of the wonders that come with it!!!!

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    Re: Difference between Ultra Focus and X-Treme FX?


    I have both Ultrafocus and Xtreme FX. Ultrafocus is a big softsynth VST like Atmosphere. Xtreme FX is more of a non-musical sound FX VST. THere are very few musical patches in it (i.e. ones that you can play a scale on etc) It has a ton of beautiful hits, stabs etc that i have used for drum sounds. Very cool stuff. it also has various sound fx of atmospheres (airports, nature etc), foley type stuff, very cool sci-fi stuff. It's pretty much a "one-trick-pony" but it does that trick so well.

    Ultrafocus is nice. I also own Atmosphere and use it more often. I think they are capable of pretty much the same stuff, it's just that Eric Persing, as a synth programmer, can't be beat. Ultrafocus doen't seen to have the amount of jaw dropping patches that Atmosphere does IMHO.

    Hope some of this helps!

    All the very best,

    "Every time you play a wrong note God kills a kitten."

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