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Topic: Playing voicings - a whole section simultaneously?

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    Playing voicings - a whole section simultaneously?

    Hello fellow JABB users!

    I have been fanatically glued to my computer ever since I first got my JABB, tweaking all the MIDI control channels and the lot, but a sinister question has been bothering me, one that I cannot find an answer to in any manual, guide or forum post. How can I play chords?

    It seems that no matter how many instruments I load (like the whole trombone section, for instance) I can only get one pitch at a time. A great sounding, mind you, beatiful note, but only one, which after all seems at the very least a bit unsatisfying, especially to folks with a weird perversion towards pianos and other polyphonic keyboard instruments such as myself.

    I find it very hard to believe that a library of such limitless quality and thoroughness would not fulfil my needs. How would I go about being able to play many voices at a time? With no sequencer, without any fancy-schmancy programming chops, how could I try out what a chord sounds like when played by the saxes, or how bad a particular passage sound with trombones and trumpets doing this or that?

    I would very much appreciate a solution to my rather enigmatic situation, for the lack of beatiful harmonies and intricate aural tensions significantly hinders my enjoyment of the otherwise ingenious software.

    Thank you very much in advance,


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    Re: Playing voicings - a whole section simultaneously?

    I must add to the above that I did make every effort for all the different instruments to listen to the same MIDI-channel, coincidingly the very one I was transmitting on with my controller, I also moved the modulation weel, which I can boast having 2 occurances of on my Yamaha EX5, on every instrument. They seem to be playing as a section, but still monophonically.

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    Re: Playing voicings - a whole section simultaneously?

    You may find some answers in this thread:

    It is possible to play polyfonic with the "Lite Instruments" that came with the JABB update. See this file for more information:

    or here:

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    Re: Playing voicings - a whole section simultaneously?

    Ah, great!

    Thank you very much, that indeed does seem to address precisely the problem I was having!


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