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Topic: Problem With Midi phaze Cancelation

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    Problem With Midi phaze Cancelation

    Hello i am having a problem with phazing while i use GPO with motuDP4.6.1 I noticed it while playing piano, certain notes were phazing out and overall it sounded flanged! I changed a few midi settings as far as playthru and echo etc.. with no improvement though it did change to different frequencies. It does it on playback of recorded midi tracks and live playing. I have no problem as a stand alone instrument. I haden't noticed this before and I have not changed any setting before i noticed this. Any help would be great. And thank you for the time.

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    Re: Problem With Midi phaze Cancelation

    Hi Jim, I'm not sure what could be causing this phase cancellation.

    One time I experienced the same problem, and realized that my old Yamaha KX-88 keyboard/controller was putting out double notes, and of course DP was recording them both. In the Sequence Editor, it looked like normal notes, but when I clicked on one of the notes and deleted it, the note was still there. Basically every note had a duplicate on top of each other, this cause some slight phasing issues. Not sure what else to say, hmmmm. I assume you do not have an audio track recorded and the midi is creating a live playing track along with the audio track???


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    Re: Problem With Midi phaze Cancelation

    I think Dan is probably correct here. Look for duplicated data in your MIDI tracks. If you find duplicated data, record some test tracks using your MIDI controller to see if you can nail down the source of the duplicated data.

    There's also a small chance that you have a mixer routing problem with the arrival of two identical signal paths to the output bus but slightly offset in time from one another. The first possibility above is the more likely one.


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    Re: Problem With Midi phaze Cancelation

    I had a similar problem with my basic Yamaha MIDI keyboard. Everything was flanged, I had only double notes, and I was loosing notes. I tweaked EQ and other settings but nothing helped.
    Eventually I contacted Yamaha support and they asked me if I was using M-audio UNO USB midi interface. I was using it, so I got a Motu interface and all the problems went away.

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    Thanks for the ideas. I'll look under those rocks again but I know i've been all thru that. So far, freestanding. At least I'm quantizing less now! lol

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