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Topic: New Sounds for GPO Library

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    New Sounds for GPO Library

    Tinkle, tinkle, Honda car
    How I wonder what thou art
    Driving down the road so far
    Then you clank and fall apart!

    I will not post my comments, as they would rather explecitly describe my impressions of the situation.

    New sound: Drive shaft exploding, bearings tinkling down the highway, drive shaft burying in pavement! These country roads are truly terrible, nearly wiped out by this winter's storms! Impossible to avoid potholes big enough to get lost in. Well, that is country living, no?

    I guess tomorrow I will be getting a second car. This one will be repaired, but for a few weeks, it has been our only car. Delightful timing.


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    Re: New Sounds for GPO Library

    There must be some mistake.

    I thought the Garritan Automotive Disintegration Samples (GADS!) had already been released...


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    Re: New Sounds for GPO Library

    Must mean there's an update with new samples due shortly.

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