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Topic: Roland V-Drums TD-10+DFH SUPERIOR

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    Roland V-Drums TD-10+DFH SUPERIOR

    Help, I need Edrums Templates 1.5x file for DFH SUPERIOR program. I have Roland V-Drums TD-10 module and I want to play with DFH SUPERIOR samples, but the template I have does not fit. I know you can download it from TOONTRACK website, but I do not have a SUPERIOR SERIAL NUMBER which is necessary for the download. Maybe someone has a DFH SUPERIOR SERIAL NUMBER or Edrums Templates 1.5x file that they could share with me. Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Roland V-Drums TD-10+DFH SUPERIOR

    Sure, No Problem! Here's my own S#-80YoU-5GoT9-63To-74Be-KIdDiNg

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    Re: Roland V-Drums TD-10+DFH SUPERIOR

    Try sharing some of your money with the people who created the software, and they will be happy to give you a template that works. that way, you will be able to rock the DFH, and the developers will get their rightful compensation.

    Hacked software is frowned upon here, friend. You'll get no love from anyone here for trying to stick it to a great company.

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