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Topic: Two Bach pieces from Gary Bricault

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    Two Bach pieces from Gary Bricault

    Gary Bricault has sent in two works by J.S. Bach:

    1. Bach's "Trio Sonata #5" the Allegro Movement 1. This is an transcription on the original organ work using three solo string instruments.
    2. Bach's "English Suite V.", the Prelude Movement (1). This is an orchestral transcription on the original work for harpsichord.
    These were done entirely in notation using Finale 2006 and GPO.

    Thanks Gary for sharing this with us. Looking forward to hearing more transcriptions.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Two Bach pieces from Gary Bricault


    Big thank you for that, especially the trio sonata. Difficult though it is to believe I was an organ first study at Uni and used to enjoy tripping through that one. (It'd be tripping OVER it now, I should think )
    The interpretation with strings was initially a shock, the organ tradition is to play it a lot more staccato but with internal phrasing (it really sparkles when played like that), I used to take organ lessons with Dr Arthur Wills at Ely Cathedral, he pretty much insisted that once you'd established the phrasing in the first couple of bars it had to be consistent throughout the movement!
    But what a brilliant piece, nice realisation. I'm going to dig out the Bach Organ works and find a local instrument to practise on! (No jokes about virginals or organs please)
    Who needs funk when you have Bach?

    Thanks, cheered me up no end..


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    Re: Two Bach pieces from Gary Bricault

    Excellent work on these!

    I was particularly impressed by the Trio -- wonderful job on that,
    and I would be most interested to see the Finale score to see the
    details of how Gary achieved this.

    Thanks for posting these: an impressive demonstration of what one
    can do just with notation!

    My best,


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    Re: Two Bach pieces from Gary Bricault

    Bravo on two superb transcriptions. I particularly liked the English Suite. Your choice of instrumentation as well as phrasing and dynamics were very tastfully executed. If you have any more of these lurking on your hard drive, I'd love to hear them.
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