Just when I thought it was safe to stop reporting bugs and get back to work I find I am bumping into another nasty GPO - Logic freeze bug.

If I select a group of tracks and try to freeze them simultaniously I find that some of them end up being silent.

Also if unfreeze on of the now silent tracks and play it back live the sound will come back but if I try to refreeze the track it will go silent again.

I discovered the workaround is to solo the track I want to freeze which will result in a viable file.

This workaround beats the hell out of no workaround but it still is a real pain in the ~~~ if I am in situation where I have a lot of instruments and I have to unfreeze them all and refreeze them for something like a tempo change for example.

Instead of just checking the freeze button on all the tracks hitting play and letting the computer get busy I have to manually solo each track and hit the freeze button then move on to the next track.

That is what I call a pretty bad bottleneck in the work flow.