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Topic: Introspection

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    Hey guys!!!

    I just finished writing a peice for solo violin; Something my comp teacher wanted me to try.

    I would love some comments on the piece, but also I would like suggestions on how to make this mp3 sound more believable. I'm using the Strad2 KS SOLO patch through sibelius. And have created CC~1 commands for all dynamics, and CC~64 commands for all slurs. Also I have the intonational variation (CC~22) set to 25% and the timbral variation (CC~23) set to 50%. Oh and the ambience is the Recital Hall 1 default.

    Thanks for your help.


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    Re: Introspection

    Interesting working, Matt. I though it sounded quite good. The only thing that might help in terms of realism is adding in some CC 20 (portamento) or maybe some pitch bend data for the occasional scoop or slide. It's tough with patches that have such consistent and pervasive vibrato. I think a real violinist would occasionally hold some of the notes longer and fade on a non-vibrato bow, all dry and scrapey. Which, dry and scrapey isn't a keyswitch option, dang it all. Maybe in GPO-A...

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    Re: Introspection

    An interesting monologue, Matt.

    I haven't gotten to the Strad yet, so I can't help you there; though jmc's comments seem on the mark from what I know of it.

    On the sound treatment, I think I might try a bit more space... it would aid in bringing out some of the implied harmony, perhaps.


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    Re: Introspection

    This piece possesses your usual strong writing. The character of the piece is introspective. As for believability you might consider a different reverb. The violin sounds as though it is being played in a small room rather than a concert hall. Thanks for posting.
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