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Topic: The Budget Orchestra Solution: Piece(s) To Share

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    The Budget Orchestra Solution: Piece(s) To Share

    You might remember a month ago, I had posted here, asking about the "budget orchestra".

    Since that time, here was the product that I received from my venture.

    - Land of Eternity -


    This piece was written for a game, but I since then have talked the company into allowing me to keep the rights, so this piece is still trying to find a home. (Any suggestions? Licensing?)

    - The Soulless Plains -


    This piece was also written for a separate video game. Is currently being used as the theme piece, possibly some cinematics as well.

    These pieces were firstly notated in Sibelius 3, then the scores were deliverred via e-mail to Capellen Music, (I HIGHLY recommend) whereas they performed and recorded the pieces.

    - SCORES -



    The pieces were then dubbed lightly using multitudes of sample libraries (A little of everything)

    Also to note, I had the help of two talented idividuals, one of which I know posts here, (Fitch, the other is Mike Plug), assist in score proofreading, and their suggestions were very vital to the good performances.

    Thank you for listening. If people are interested, I could post the scores as well.

    Sean Beeson

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    Re: The Budget Orchestra Solution: Piece(s) To Share

    These two songs are really great Sean!!
    I really like both of them, but these are really performed by a real orchestra?

    Is that possible? How did it cost?

    How you can get your piece played by a real orchestra?

    Thanks a lot for sharing these two wonderful songs!!

    All the best,

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    Re: The Budget Orchestra Solution: Piece(s) To Share

    Hey Sean!

    Congrats. The tracks sound well done. The live winds and esp. trumpet are very effective. I had a feeling that your ultimate solution would be a combination of live & sampled.

    Damon Sink
    G5 Dual 2 GHz, P4 3.8GHz, Logic Pro 7, Digital Performer, EWQLSO Platinum Pro XP, VSL, Kontakt2, Finale

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    Re: The Budget Orchestra Solution: Piece(s) To Share

    Sounds great bro, but was it just me or did anyone else have a hard time making out the strings on Land of Eternity? I'm not sure how they recorded it but if you could brings up the strings just a snip that might be cool...but then again I am running a fan while listening to them...don't mind me . I think you said it was like a $2k per composer deal right? They sound pretty good but did anyone push them alittle more (in terms of performance)? I am just wondering how much these guys can pull of and how well. Thanks for posting man!


    By the by, sure post the scores, they would be cool to check out
    "PRODUCER TO ARTIST: I don't care if that grace note on the snare hit in bar 9085 works! This is dub 'n bass acid house penis, not ~~~~ing house dub 'n acid bass penis with a twist!" - Nick Batzdorf

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    Re: The Budget Orchestra Solution: Piece(s) To Share

    Indeed, really great. Composition and soundwise.


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    Re: The Budget Orchestra Solution: Piece(s) To Share

    Oh yes the score will be great, Sean!!

    Also do they have a choir for the vocal parts?

    Thanks again and congrats!!

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    Re: The Budget Orchestra Solution: Piece(s) To Share

    fantastic to hear this all went well

    those scores by Sean are totally top notch big respect and congratulations

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    Re: The Budget Orchestra Solution: Piece(s) To Share

    I agree with everything said in this thread. The composition and sound is great but the performance could be just a bit more involved if you know what I mean. At times it feels like the conductor and / or the orchestra is at work instead of creating music. This seems to be common for these companies where everything is taken care of and you just send the score and pay the bill. I'm not saying that it doesn't beat samples by a fair margin.

    I also agree that seeing the scores would be very helpful in case someone wants to see the degree of detail needed to convey your ideas. I assume that you weren't there at the recording? Did you have some kind of artistic conversation (via email or phone) with the conductor or did they just interpret the score by themselves? How was the choir done?

    Can you tell us about the pricing? The Capellen music site isn't very informative.

    Thanks for this info. It's very helpful to hear this kind of examples where the music and the way to the result are presented. Too often we get either or when hearing a recording which we adore or when reading a book which has no audible examples.

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    Re: The Budget Orchestra Solution: Piece(s) To Share

    Sounds great! Sounds like a cross between a real orchestra, and samples...but well written and orchestrated!

    VERY Zimmer-ish

    Not sure if you are aware of the digital click in LOE at :40. May be an .mp3 thing?


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    Re: The Budget Orchestra Solution: Piece(s) To Share

    A few things to note. These pieces were performed in the one hour time slot that I had. The recording is 24 multitrack, which is still coming in the mail. The orchestra that you are hearing with the samples is the stereo mixed version, so once I get the multitracks, I will have a lot more control in the mix.

    That is why I use the samples, to help add intensity in areas, then to help add emotion in others. I am SURE there were ways I could have notated the parts better to get my intentions across as well.

    The choir is EWQLSC. (Sorry, I forgot to mention this!)

    Sean Beeson

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