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Topic: Memphis horns in RMX

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    Memphis horns in RMX

    Hi all,
    Im thinking of trying! to recycle my copy of Memphis horns to then sage convert for RMX.
    Does anyone have any tips for this, how should i work the tempos in reycle, for example the 1st wav is at 70 bpm but is not edited to the bar or beat at the end, so reycle works it out to be 73.3 which will probobly cause problems in rmx.
    could be too much to take on , not sure, but it would be great fun inside rmx

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    Re: Memphis horns in RMX

    Hi Pat,

    Sounds like fun indeed, so I suggest you don't think about trying...and do it!!!

    In your example, maybe add some audio at the end of the loop, add another slice, which can be muted in RMX later on using the edit groups, so you end up having a "straight" loop in Recycle.

    I don't really know, but give it a try and let us know if it works out!


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    Re: Memphis horns in RMX

    I've been Recycling lots of things lately, cause the RMX is such a great place to have them. I've been doing guitar stuff and (you'll have to experiment a little bit) but if you take the pencil and put a marker at the end (you can sort of eyeball where the beat should end) and then move the right marker, you'll see the new tempo. You should be able to get pretty close to the correct tempo. Even if it's off a little bit, it's retriggered each beat or two anyway. Yes, might be tedious for a lot of loops, but worth it for important ones.

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    Re: Memphis horns in RMX

    FYI, the new Ilio Xpanders have a bonus section that includes Memphis Horn riffs. I am not sure how much content is there but it might be good to hear what an RMX version can do in terms of tempo and key changes.

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    Re: Memphis horns in RMX

    Recycle will be easiest to work in if you go in with a really tight loop. The best thing to do would be utilize your sequencing application, import the audio to a track and make it air tight to the tempo...that way, once you get to recycle it's easier to dial in a "busy" groove by placing grid slices/tweaking. On top of that, you might want to tweak pieces of the loop therein, to get the loop, itself tighter on the beat. Memphis is well recorded and pretty tight, but still does much better with tweaking outside of recycle. You'll get much better results.

    Other things depending on what you are doing will also be helpful... Multiple pattern gates can be your best friend, depending on what you're working with.

    Hope that helps!


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    Re: Memphis horns in RMX

    Thanks guys,

    yes ive messed around with some files but they really didnt work out to well,

    The loop/tempo issue will always be a problem. I will definitly check out the ilio expanders to see how much of the horns they have programmed.

    thanks again

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