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Topic: OT: The Rock

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    OT: The Rock

    Hi all,

    I've got some tracks to score for a possible modern action-type bit. If anybody's seen the Sentinel, that's the kind of stuff I'm looking for. I plan to use things like Stylus and Atmosphere for a lot of the percussion effects. My question is, what do scores like this and The Rock use to get those repetitive bass techno-ish sounds? Or, maybe this is better: when writing music like this, what's the best layer to start with? At first I thought it might be the drums, but now I'm not so sure. Perhaps the bass? And it's not a "rock" type bass like trilogy...

    Curious as to how to get started. Any help would be appreciated!


    Steven J. Kukla

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    Re: OT: The Rock

    Quote Originally Posted by Steve_K
    Any help would be appreciated!
    Ok, well, I can offer the following:

    Change all of the links at the bottom of your site from .htm to .php.


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    Re: OT: The Rock

    Couldn't you have PMed or emailed me about that? Still, it's appreciated. I'm in the midst of redesigning the whole thing anyway.

    Any -relevant- advice is much appreciated...
    Steven J. Kukla

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    Re: OT: The Rock

    More advice: Steve.. I hear installing hard wood floors in a house increases the value.

    Oh... RELEVANT advice. Just teasing ya.

    Stormdrum, Stylus RMX, Trilogy, and Atmosphere... those should have you covered. The techno'ish pulsing lines.. Atmosphere can handle that. Here's a tip.. good ol' Hans likes mixing in a Yamaha CS-80 with the orchestra to fatten it up. Not sure if he does anymore..but.. he used to, probably around the same time period The Rock was made. So you could buy the Arturia CS-80V, thing is.. Arturia's customer service is horrible.

    Anyway, that's my two cents.
    Sam Hulick

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    Re: OT: The Rock

    I dunno what to say in regards to what you should start first, personally I like to sketch things out on paper for everything I do (even for electronica stuff), and so I'm not so sure where I'd start sequencing... probably I'd do the orchestra stuff first though, just to give it some form before delving into the electronics.

    About bass though, I think it might be a good mindset to be prepared to do a ton of tweaking/layering/etc. There isn't much of a quick fix solution to it; you'll probably wanna have lots of velocity variation, and perhaps skip a note or two from that 16 hits/measure grid to give a bit of syncopation. You can try multiband compression to give it more power down low if you want, and Kontakt-2 lets you automate random LFOs to all kindsa effects and such (to give each hit some uniqueness).

    I remember the first times I did something with that kind of bass, it was like a parody of late 80s / early 90s action movies (that kinda industrial sound). I wrote it in my mind while washing some dishes, then jotted a few notes down; it was supposed to be a really quick fun little thing I'd do in an hour or two. Well it basically took all night, and most of my time was spent just tweaking the bass to sound like what I wanted. I'm more of an orchestra guy than an electronica guy, so it was important to keep in mind that in doing this kinda hybrid style, a lot more attention has to be paid to individual electronic elements than you'd normally spend on a single orchestral instrument. It's a style where the bass, a single "instrument", might account for a majority of the detail in the song, which might not have many more elements at all. So you can bet that those guys are putting a ton of detail into it!
    Wilbert Roget, II

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    Re: OT: The Rock

    Thanks Sam and Will, these insights helped a lot. Will, what sounds did you use when you did yours? I'm thinkin of reviving my old Roland JV1010...

    Steven J. Kukla

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    Re: OT: The Rock

    I'm pretty sure I just used some kind of free VST, and then fixed it up with eq/multiband/maybe some other stuff. You can find tons of freebies over on kvr-vst.com.
    Wilbert Roget, II

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