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Topic: VI levels in DP

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    VI levels in DP

    Hi everyone. So I keep running into a slightly odd thing in DP that while not lifethreatening or anything has had me slightly annoyed, and I thought I'd see if anyone else had run into it and/or had solutions.

    Whenever I make a new instrument track and hit record on the corresponding MIDI channel, it defaults to setting the instrument level at maximum. Since most instruments have a maximum of above the optimum level (sometimes +6 dB, sometimes +12 dB, etc.) it ends up blasting holy hell out of the speakers, clipping levels, etc. I know this can be dealt with with automation on the channels, or sending a CC#7 to tame it down, but I'd rather have things just start out at the proper level.

    Any ideas?


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    Re: VI levels in DP

    Hmmm... not experiencing this myself (still in DP 4.12). My midi track defaults to 127 (max volume) but my instrument track defaults to 0 dB.

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