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Topic: Witchwood

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    Sean said this is my best work ever.... you be the judge..

    Most of it is GPO, like strings, and pizz, and aggressive bows, as well as ALL the woods.


    P.S., Hi all! Its been a while..
    ~Sam Ferrara~

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    Re: Witchwood

    Gosh, Sam, haven't seen you in a bit -- welcome home!

    Really nice writing in this; I've had it looping for a while,
    listening with interest. Very astute, ingenious use of
    orchestration, and I like that subtle and unobtrusive
    introduction of male voices.

    Now. The crucial question is: Is there more?

    I want more, Sam, I want more...

    Great job on this!


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    Re: Witchwood

    Very nice work indeed!

    Terrific mood and setting.

    The title is fitting for this arrangement. Definitely evocative of forests and witchery!

    great work!

    ...love to hear more


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    Re: Witchwood

    Yes, forests and witches. Very well done. It has an almost Mahler like quality.
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    Re: Witchwood

    Good stuff! It has a certain Edward Scissorhands feel to it... light and mischievious. I enjoyed it.

    My only suggestion would be to back off just a bit on the reverb. It seemed to be a bit heavy and perhaps obscurring some of the finer detail.
    - Jamie Kowalski

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    Thumbs up Re: Witchwood

    Nice work Fire! Has some "Elfin Magic" to it. You been studying with Danny Elfin?
    The orchestration superbly illustrates the title. Not enough praise for such and awesome composition.

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    Re: Witchwood

    Great name and great music too. The winds were quite special.


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    Re: Witchwood

    Quote Originally Posted by FireGS
    Sean said this is my best work ever.... you be the judge..
    I agree with Sean!

    Really, this is great work! I love it! As others have said: more, more! Bravo! Keep it up. I can't get enough of it!
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    Re: Witchwood

    I agree with Sean too!!

    Geez Louise Sam! This is very good! Great writing.

    Keep on sharing!

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    Re: Witchwood


    I really, really enjoyed this. Excellent orchestration, and man, those woodwinds sound great

    Thanks for sharing,


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