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Topic: nerve racking authorization hell

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    nerve racking authorization hell

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    what is the most idiot hellish plugin authorization on the planet?
    answer: WAVES plugins. I just spent 4 f*&**ing hrs. getting these overpriced, over gaurded pieces of Sh** installed. And still its not working right!! what in
    world were these morons thinking? Please someone remind me how pissed i am when i shopping for something in the future.

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    Re: nerve racking authorization hell

    I knew before I even read your post that this was a Waves thread!!!

    I spent 4 hours authorizing Waves last week. And even after the nightmare of authorization whenever I load up a plug-in it takes over 5 seconds for it to load, and I KNOW (without concrete proof) that it has something to do with the authorization.
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    Re: nerve racking authorization hell

    well to waves credit i got a free IR lite its the lite version of their convolution reverb with boat load so of IR"S . its sounds great . all waves users should check their account and see if they quaify for the free

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