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Topic: Live and RMX Issues

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    Live and RMX Issues

    Is anyone having cracks and pops when playing multis in Live 5. I just got Metamorphosis and dig the sounds. However, many of the multiis do not play very well. Even if i crank overall latency all the way i still get pops. Is this yet another Live 5 issue or is it an RMX issue. This seems to happen no matter what setting I have on the plug-in performance buffer.

    I mac G5
    1.5 ram
    Live 5.0
    Stylus RMX 1.5
    La Cie External 7200 rmp

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    Re: Live and RMX Issues

    No, it should work great.

    What sound card are you using?

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    Re: Live and RMX Issues

    Hi. I use Live5 and RMX. I have never had that happen. Here is a site with some free L5 tutorials. They are videos so it is easier to actually see and hear what is happening. Check out the set-up clips and see if any of the info helps. http://www.vtc.com/products/live5.htm . I got some stuff out of theese. Any thing that can help expand on knowledge is a plus for me. I am a manual junkie also. I re-read constantly. You'd be surprised what you miss or get new meaning from once you settle into a piece of gear and re-read. At least that's how it works for me. JON

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    Re: Live and RMX Issues

    Thank you for the replies. I am using a firepod interface and core audio. I read somewhere that Live 5 does not like the energy saver setting for some reason. After turning that off everything played as it should with no CPU spikes or pop sounds. Strange...but it works. Spectrum, RMX 1.5 is great by the way. So is the Metamorphosis EXP. I haven't had this much fun making music in a long time.

    G 5 Imac
    1.5 gig RAM
    La Cie 7200 External drive
    Firepod Interface
    Reason 3
    Live 5
    Stylus RMX 1.5

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    Re: Live and RMX Issues

    Cool....glad you're up and running and having fun!

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