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Topic: OT: Blues Jam

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    OT: Blues Jam

    Hey all,

    Be forewarned, this song uses live musicians!

    Anyway, the reason I've been absent so much from the forums is because I'm now growing into the recording studio element, and using samples now for that, when needed, and not just soley samples anymore..

    With that said, heres a mix from a session tonight, featuring my father on lead guitar (he wants me to mention that its a '74 Strat through a '53 Fender Deluxe amp, mic'd with an SM57).


    Any thoughts on the mix? Anything that could have been better? Any thoughts at all would be great..

    ~Sam Ferrara~

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    Re: OT: Blues Jam


    I am not an expert at live recording or mixing, DPDAN would be better suited, but I can tell you the mix is very nice. to my ears. The piano might come up just a BIT in the mix, but otherwise I think it is perfect.

    Great job

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    Re: OT: Blues Jam

    Great sounding mix!

    I might perhaps pull the percussion back very, very slightly;
    and bring the piano up a hair and a bit more to center -- but
    that's really a matter more of personal taste.

    The clarity, presence, and balance of the mix are first rate.



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    Thumbs up Re: OT: Blues Jam

    Yup, bring the pianie up in the mix and pull the percussion out into the street down the block to the left on a one way street. That should suit them fine!
    I would like to hear more bottom end (bass and kick) to give it more strength. Other than, nice mix!
    Oh, and the strat sounds great!

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