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Topic: KHSO Emerald - Wow !

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    KHSO Emerald - Wow !

    Hello All,

    I registered here so that I could post my appreciation of Kirk Hunter's Symphony Orchestra - Emerald. I'm not affiliated in any way, but after holding out a long, long time before investing in a " high-end " symphonic sample library ( and letting all the "big dogs" in sample libraries, however great they may be, pass me by ), I finally, after reading up on this and other forums, decided to take the plunge with Kirk Hunter's Emerald S.O. for Kontakt 2.

    What a great move. I got it in the mail today, loaded my PC up with Kirk's DVD set ( the PC is dedicated only to soft-synths and Kontakt - no Internet access ), and all I can say is WOW. What a simply beautiful and incredibly detailed library. I cannot _believe_ how much work Kirk has put into this package, and it shows in the amount of programming options within the patches you get for the ridiculously low price, and it shows in the simply breathtaking sound.

    Kirk - you're a genius. I'm glad that my first investment in a "real" library has been such a great experience. I can't wait to see and hear what I can create with this package.

    Thanks, Kirk - You've got a "Ruby" customer, for sure !!

    A thrilled and satisfied customer,
    John Taylor.

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    Re: KHSO Emerald - Wow !

    I concur. I checked out all the other libraries and even own a few of them.

    Kirk Hunter Emerald is by far the best orchestral sample collection I have found - at any price. The fact that it is so affordable astounds me. Not that I am complaining, mind you. When pennies are tight but you need professional quality, you can always count on KHSO Emerald.

    Welcome to the family, by the way. I, too am a Ruby Customer in Training (RCT).


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    Re: KHSO Emerald - Wow !

    I just put in the order for mine. How long did yours take before it arrived? I'm a little worried since I'm leaving town wed morning. So I need it by tues, it is now noon friday.

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    Re: KHSO Emerald - Wow !

    I ordered mine on Friday, May 12, and it arrived here ( Oregon ) yesterday, May 18. So, a total of four business days delivery via UPS Ground.

    Very happy with this package !


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