I was going to PM this to eric but his pm is full so I thought I would ask here, or hopefully if other RMX savy users check this out and know...

Video in question: http://www.motu.com/products/softwar...hno_movie.html

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The list of loops used would be too long to print and I don't have time to get exact names and timecodes for you....but there's quite a bit of RMX at the middle to end of the video.
You said this in the Ethno thread. The stuff in the middle of the video was great. Eric or anyone know if is this is from RMX (default) itself or from the expanders?

I ask because I loved that middle section that you talk of. RMX is so deep I have not had the time to explore it in total, not to mention it has so much content. (If you recognize the groove in particular from RMX that would be great).

Thank you in advance for any help,