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Topic: Lyrical Distortion 2 | GS3 Format

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    Thumbs up Lyrical Distortion 2 | GS3 Format

    Lyrical Distortion 1 provides the user with unlimited multisampled power at an extremely competitive price point.

    Welcome to Lyrical Distortion 2!

    Produced by Aaron Dirk of Bela D Media, LD2 is an extension of LD1 with a 4 GB sample pool. It can be used independently but for the ultimate experience, it is highly recommend that LD2 run side by side with LD1. LD2 also provides patches that will extend the LD1 pallet.

    Product Demos

    Sampling Performed
    Up Pick Sustain
    Palm Up Pick
    Power Chord Up Pick
    Palm Power Chord Up Pick
    Pull Offs
    sus2 Chords
    sus4 Chords
    Muted Notes
    Dig Pick
    Palm Staccato
    Power Chord Staccato
    Palm Power Chord Staccato

    Close mic'd, dry un-processed 24bit 44.1 samples

    Aaron's Setup
    1994 PRS Custom 22
    Black cherry
    Quilted maple “10” top
    One piece mahogany neck and back
    Wide fat neck 1 11/16”
    Rosewood fingerboard with bird inlays
    25 inch scale with 22 frets
    Dragon pickups
    GHS Guitar Boomer Strings 010, 013, 017, 026, 036, 046, 060

    1999 Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier
    Dual channel
    6L6 GC, 12AX7, 5U4G tubes
    Red channel
    Silicon Diodes
    Bold power
    Celestion Vintage 30 Classic Series 12-inch Guitar Speakers

    Shure SM-57 microphone
    Great River ME-1NV microphone pre amp
    Apogee Rosetta 24bit A/D converter

    The Deal
    For a very limited time, LD1 users may purchase LD2 for $99.99. This offer is only available via our users forum when product ships.

    Lyrical Distortion 2
    Retail Price $149.99
    Tascam GS3™


    Product Page
    Bela D Media | www.BelaDMedia.com

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    Talking Re: Lyrical Distortion 2 | GS3 Format

    WoW! This looks like the real deal congrats, I look forward to trying this collection!

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    Re: Lyrical Distortion 2 | GS3 Format

    This is definitely a nice sounding guitar package. You can do a lot with Lyrical Distortion. Smartly designed, usable in ways that are very musical and don't scream "sample."

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    Re: Lyrical Distortion 2 | GS3 Format

    very cool indeed!

    it's a must have for me !

    by the way , any news on Lyrical direct???

    best regards


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    Re: Lyrical Distortion 2 | GS3 Format

    LD3 or, Lyrical Direct is still in production. No release date at this time.
    Bela D Media | www.BelaDMedia.com

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