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Topic: Trailer SFX Sought

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    Trailer SFX Sought

    Hey guys! I'm looking for a SFX library containing a very particular genre of sound effects, and I'm hoping someone on this board might know where I can find them.

    The sound effects I'm looking for are the ones you hear most often in movie trailers. They are the deep meaningful thuds you hear when movie titles comes up on the screen... the airy whooshes and flybys that punctuate cuts from shot to shot... the surging impacts that accompany shocking or violent moments... those are the sort of things I'm looking for. The sound is very "Hollywood" and quite distinctive -- no generic thud or whoosh will evoke the same feeling.

    For an example, here's a link to a Quicktime file of a trailer -- it happens to be for The Da Vinci Code videogame. The "Hollywood" SFX I'm describing begin in this trailer about halfway through, when the text appears on screen and the voiceover begins. Example of "Hollywood" SFX

    So far I have had no luck in finding a SFX library with these types of sounds. Does anyone know where I can find them? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    Re: Trailer SFX Sought

    I've been looking for those sounds as well. I've created my own versions but they lack the power and "Hollywood" edge.

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    Re: Trailer SFX Sought

    I think Stylus RMX has some sound effects in its library that might be what you're looking for. Also, combining progressive synth patches like those found in Atmosphere with certain percussion can give you desired effects.

    Good luck,


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    Re: Trailer SFX Sought

    I've also been looking for these type of sounds. I've made my own, but they lack the impact of the sounds you hear in trailers.

    I'll probably order that one linked above. The right is good and the demos sound good as well.

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    Re: Trailer SFX Sought

    Not sure if you've checked these libraries out yet but here are some options... Digital Juice SoundFX or Sony Pictures Sound Effects Series Volumes 1-10. Also available in 1-5 and 6-10 box sets. Much better Sony prices available at Safe Harbor. Hope this helps

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    Re: Trailer SFX Sought

    Thanks so much! I just went ahead and bought the PrecisionSounds Stingers collection, which sounds quite excellent! It is a relatively small collection, but the sounds are choice. I'll probably still keep looking for more, and if I hear anything else that knocks my socks off I'll report back. :-)

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    Re: Trailer SFX Sought

    do a search for radioactive noise on ebay. they had some interesting stuff when i was searching for sounds.


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    Re: Trailer SFX Sought

    You can try noisegenerator.com for info on one (of many) trailer sound dersign libraries. They make a collection called Slam Bang Boom that is used really frequently by the large trailer houses.

    I should know. I helped work on the darn thing.

    There's also Sonomic.com and sounddogs.com for an on-line collection if you need to to do a piecemeal search.

    Good luck.

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    Re: Trailer SFX Sought

    I think you can do easely yourself:
    In wavelab for example:
    - one track of pink noise abour 400ms with fade in and fade out
    - another with a wip noise pan from left to right
    - Another withthe same wip wip noise pitch one octave down pan from left to right
    - A deep pad sound
    - A final chord of a symphony without attack mix not too loud
    - And some reverb

    Best regards

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